The Blame Game

Here's an interesting anecdote that happened to me today as I was walking into class a few minutes late. This specific classroom has about 250 people in it, and the gaps between rows are quite tight. So I quickly glance around the room looking for an empty seat. Upon finding one, I start squeezing my way down the row in order to get to the seat. Nobody is making a real effort to let me through. It just so happens that (and I didn't notice this), a girl on the row directly behind had this oversized binder hanging out a bit, and my waist caught it as I was walking by. Of course, she had to have the biggest sugar-filled chocolate-flavoured coffee right next to it, so as the binder did somewhat of a pivot on her desk, all I heard was the biggest gasp I've ever heard in my life. I turn around and notice that the coffee was spilling all over her, her notes, binder, bag, chair, floor, etc. Not quite knowing what to say, or if it was my fault, I just uttered "Oh........shit...", followed by my desperate attempt to not look like a complete ass: "err.....I'll go get some paper...". So I walk back from the bathroom with a half ton of brown paper and start mopping it up. She did the same, all the while not saying a single word to me. I said I was very sorry and all, yet she never said a word.

After it seemed adequately cleaned up, I sat down and started taking notes on the lecture which had started a good 10-15 mins previously. Glancing back, I noticed the girl was just kind of sitting there, not being able to take notes, looking kind of ridiculous.

At first I felt somewhat bad for the girl and partially responsible, but the more I began to think about it, the more I thought the situation was absolutely hilarious. I figure that, to begin with, having liquids in a tight classroom is a risk you're taking. Secondly, was it not her fault that her binder was sticking out that much, seeingly oblivious to the fact that I was passing by? My question is, even though it was an accident, is anyone specifically to blame?

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