The man said not to venture out of my cage, but I couldn't resist.

It appears my little frame could make it through the bars. I never thought the world outside my cage would have been so dark. The first character I met called himself Pancreas, he was an odd ball, and a smelly one too. Just icky! The bastard even tried to sell me a soul, what do I need a soul for?

I was able to have a nice sit on the spine after my poor legs started to hurt all over. The rope that would help me find my way back started to feel more like a problem, as I had tangled myself into it.

"What's the matter?" Said the intestines, "Don't like long things?" He laughed, and I looked at myself. I appear to have several long things all about me, fingers, toes, a penis, my cord, arms, legs, neck and nose. I'm so limited, I can only move certain parts of my body, I can only move to the extent my body parts allow me to. "What do I know? I'm nothing but a function after all!"

Evil intestines, rotten bastards! So long, extra smelly, and extra juicy if you ask me.


At 20/9/05 9:18 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Good show....jolly good. Pretty good little "story", actually.


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