Cookie face-off!

Alright, here's the deal. I'm a huge fan of cookies. Everytime I've travelled, I've always thought it very important to try out as many cookies as possible wherever I am. So far, my favorite cookie is in Florida.

Anyways, here's the issue: I despise dry cookies, and love soft ones.

Problems with dry:
- Breaks into ashes
- If you have a cold, need to breath, it gets in your throat.
- If you need to sneeze, it goes all over the place in crums!
- If you need to caugh, it might just fly all over the place too.
- They have to be bitesize, because any bigger will get crums around when you bite down into it.

Soft cookies have a sweeter taste, bites easier, almost melts in the mouth. Amazing, I love soft cookies, the bigger the better too!


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