The good, the bad....teachers

This thought came to me when I was in my Ethics of travel class. We were forced to watch a movie on how tourism has affected different regions of the world. To name one: Hawaii. And a thought came to mind, it's the never-ending battle between the traditional world and the new world. The frustrating part is I wasn't allowed to discuss on this topic and my teacher made a huge deal of how different cultures were changing all around the world because of tourism.

Continuing with her stupid shit, she decided it would be exciting to have a role-playing activity where she would divide the class into groups and assign each student a job in a village where tourism is slowly taking over. The cunt actually bothered to change some of the job names to be more soothing to her taste: Fisherman-fisherperson, chairman-chairperson, etc...

This enraged me even more. My teacher is this old little English lady who's supposed to have travelled quite her share, and yet she still imposes on us her ridiculous policies. No cellphones, even if it's to tell time. She thought it clever to point out that a watch had that exact purpose.

Anyway, back on topic. This cunt pissed me the hell off. And it's difficult to keep your temper when you've got a class of 40 people who also have to be allowed to speak their minds and this teacher isn't allowing a single voice to be heard.

So, to be fair, taken from Carlin, here are some words I'd like to see changed:
Manhole - Personhole
Lady's man - Person Person
David Letterman - David Letterperson

Why should I be subjugated to her propaganda when it has nothing to do with the course itself? Not only that, but we have yet to discuss the actual reasons why men (*cough* persons) have this need to travel in them. We've gone through the generic list of reasons. I would like to actually figure out WHY!

No discussion of the nomad and sedentary person. No discussion of the conflict tourism creates on a globalisation scale. No discussion on the nationalism conflict either.

It's all very generic, boring, poorly thought out. I wish this stupid piss would fall over and die.


At 23/9/05 5:53 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Good job with the spelling and syntax there.... I had to make about 20 corrections just so it wouldn't sound like we have a 10 year old writing on here. :D


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