The Indoctrination of Business

Out of all the subject matters and courses I've taken through the years, there is only one field that consistently and rigourously tries to indoctrinate their students into conforming, believing in, and obeying a system of beliefs. I am, of course, talking about the wonderful world of business. It simply baffles me that business teachers can be so completely impartial and close-minded when it comes to criticism and change in their field.

I'm a political science major, and of all things, you'd figure that polysci teachers would be the worst of all in terms of representing their viewpoints as the correct ones. In practice, however, I have found that most teachers in this field have a very high moral view of the field of political study and have come to understand that opposite viewpoints are not only valid (for the most part), but necessary for the survival and proper functionning of the political realm. In the political science courses I'm currently taking, and ones I've previously taken, it amazes me how teachers respect a very specific unbiased approach in their teachings, and take it seriously. It is rare that these teachers will voice their opinions on specific topics, but will rather tell you what questions you might want to think about in coming to an answer and where you can look. Opposite viewpoints critical of each other are discussed in great detail as well as their influence. This is seen as a key aspect of the field, and this is what makes a good teacher. One who will give you the tools to come to your own conclusions in terms of matters of opinion, not tell you why he/she is right.

Business, however, is the complete opposite. There is to be no discussion of anti-business theories. Globalization is necessarily a good thing for everyone, and everyone should agree. What's good for business is always good for you. Any discussion of theories opposing business are simply included in lectures and textbooks in an attempt to put on an impartial mask, but these "debates" are often thin and lacking in any real attempt to find alternatives. You will never hear in a business class a discussion of the aspects of consumerism and marketing in our society. You will never hear a debate about business ethics, other than passing comments about Enron execs being "bad apples" or something of the sort. Furthermore, business eventually ends up shaping your political orientation through this whole mentality that big business = happiness. This, of course, is the only way to get people to sit at a desk all day and have no time for themselves.

This is the problem with the business world in general. It is very strong and well financed, and necessarily, those within it have to be indoctrinated in order to be "productive". I don't see how I will ever be able to function in a 9-5 business environment, and more than ever, I am glad I'm not specifically studying in this field. Are we destined to be drones for the rest of our lives? Do we need to constantly "modernize" our belongings every 6 months? Do we need such large houses, cars, televisions? I don't want to sound too Daoist, but I do believe we need to return to nature in one way or another. There's not enough time for personal fulfillment and evolution in these schedules that have been forced on us and the social order that surrounds it. We are born to help companies, which are supposed to help us, but we have so little time to take advantage of it.


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