Blame and Political Correctness

From what I gather, there was a decent snowstorm in the New England states and southern Quebec a few days ago. I caught a glimpse of CNN and their coverage of the story essentially came down to this:

"There was a big fucking storm, here are some shots of Jim reporting next to some random semi-snowy road in New Hampshire."

Then, of course, was the comment which really puzzled me, and it got me thinking how many times stories are spun in this euphemistic manner. The announcer said: "The snow is being blamed for one death." Apparently some lady swerved off the road because of the conditions and died. There is something wrong with this logic here. Why would you blame the snow when the lady is clearly at fault for shitty driving skills, underestimating her abilities and those of her vehicle, and not understanding the conditions. I think she deserved what she got because she can't drive for shit in snow. Don't blame it on the fuckin storm. That's kind of like blaming a mountain because some guy walked off a cliff. He was the dumbass, it's not the mountain's fault.


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