Elementary School

I think I'd like to go back to elementary school. I'd like to be an invisible 3rd party observer on my own behavior and on interactions between my old friends and classmates. I'd like to see with an adult mind exactly how it was back then and what I didn't realize was going on at the time.

Also, I'd like to meet up with everyone I knew from elementary school. I've actually forgotten most people's names, but I'm curious to know what everyone is up to these days and what has happened in their lives since we last crossed paths some 8+ years ago. I'm really interested in seeing how I looked at people back then and how I might look on the same situation today. Also, what my expectations and thoughts about people were and how they ended up. So many interesting things which are just impossible to study.

I actually don't think there are enough studies done of school children in their everyday interactions. It's in the schoolyard that much of our intellectual and social developpment happens and it would be interesting to have more data in this sense.


At 28/10/05 10:35 AM, Anonymous ben said...

Last time I met one of my old pals, he had become a drug dealer. He was also on his way to a 3rd high school after getting kicked out from the firsts. I used to play trucks with that guy o_O So yeah, maybe it's not such a good idea ;)

At 28/10/05 3:47 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

I think that's precisely the idea, though. I want to see how fucked up (or not) they have all become. I've actually heard a few stories of ppl from elementary school. Apparently one of my best friends had a kid a few years back or something and is really fucked up. All kinds of funky things. Difference with me, though, is obviously that I left Ottawa after elementary school, so I only actually stayed in touch with one or two people.


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