Given the choice, what do you dream of?

Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Firth. I was just pondering the whole joke regarding his dream with the pestering tape man. If you don't understand, you're an uncultured fuck and it doesn't matter, you can't change. What I'm wondering, though, is given the choice, what do you dream of?

I think I would first have to get mad stoned, rub myself with a stick of butter, and then ponder this for a little while. Though since I don't intend on doing that, here are some thoughts.

-Sea urchins: Lots of wonderful thoughts there.
-Physically handicapped people with thumb-stump arms, like the fucker in one of my politics classes. I saw him cross his arms....I mean stumps...the other day. Quite convincing. Encore!
-Angry ticks flying out of my nipples
-Surfing on blinding yellow laser lights
-Druken angry Irish guys dancing a jig to some Gentle Giant with me
-The little drummer kid from Die Blechtrommel
-Midgets....never enough midgets
-The end of the world, featuring huge, quiet, abandonned cities free for me to roam
-A hidden psychedelic world inside taps (especially rusty ones!)
-I would be on stage with master Collins playing all the cult hits
-Unknown 5th member of The Beatles

I thought this might produce something far more surrealistic, but I guess I need to be less sober to do that. Oy!


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