High Heels

I obviously don't get this because I'm a dumb male, but I can't understand the concept of high heels. I had to walk about 10 blocks today with my mom. I'm used to walking all over the place and I walk several kilometers each day to and from school. So I'm walking at my usual pace (which is, admittedly, fast), and my mom is having a tough time keeping up. No problem. I slow down so that she's not "running", as she puts it. It ends up that I started walking a bit faster naturally, and I didn't notice because my mom was keeping up. But after a few minutes she starts being somewhat out of breath. This seemed really funny to me and is a reflection on the fact that we are completely dependent on our cars but we walk very little in a day. When we do have to walk at a brisk pace out of some kind of purpose, most people can't even handle this.

Now, my mom raises the issue of high heels. We were going out for only this purpose, and she knew we would be walking about 8+ blocks to get there. She, of course, decides to wear high heels. On the way back, she couldn't stop complaining about how much they were hurting her and she couldn't keep up with my partially because of these shoes. Now, I wonder, why the fuck would you want to wear something so uncomfortable when walking even a short distance on pavement? I told her that it was completely illogical that she would wear such shoes if they were uncomfortable, to which she replied "everything is illogical to you, Eric". Well, to each his own.


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