Identity crisis

Imagine, fighting for years to have women oppression removed from society, only to fall back into it. Classic example, poor family works hard during the 40s to achieve a decent status. Second generation struggles to the 70s and finally get women rights to seriously get going. They eventually move to the West-Island of Montreal, where they've reached a middle class status and have managed to balance career and a family, suprisingly quite horribly. Turns out, the new generation is filled with weak women who seek no independence, and nothing but guidance. Pampered cunts who desire nothing in life then to be grabbed by the hand and shown the way.

This generation is filled with holes and is tainted by the same ridiculous ignorance of it's ancestors and this phenomena that is taking place in women isn't only affecting that gender, it's affecting both.
How many times did I have to hear this line:
"I use to have an ex that ____"

This is a girl's way of telling me:
"I've got no hobbies, but I use to have a guy that had some. You see...I'm a hole...a simple...dumb...walking...hole where men can put their penises into and I pretend to enjoy it. I have no function, no interests or any future whatsoever except the one that a man will provide for me."

So women like to label themselves by the guys they're with? How pathetic. You women are fucking pathetic.

Can't wait to see the Independent Women make a return...hope this is a problem only in this generation. Not only will I have hot independent women, but they'll be quite young. Hurray for pedophilia!


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