More Cigarette Issues

I worked in a gas station for two years, where I was able to examine certain behaviors in smokers. I was thinking today how ironic it is that many of the most popular brands in Quebec are the cheapest, worst tasting brands you could possibly get. Not only is it bad enough that the best Canadian cigarettes aren't nearly as good as the best American ones (so I'm told), but a huge majority of people choose to buy the cheapest, dirtiest possible cigarettes they can.

My point is, if you're going to have such a dirty habit, at least take some form of pride in it. Would you not want to kill yourself with a decent tobacco taste in your mouth instead of some ashy chemical crap? I will hypothesize that this is a phenomena that is mainly in Quebec (as that's the market that I know), but I do not presume that it is not the fact elsewhere in Canada. However, I have noticed that here, in Ottawa, people generally smoke the more expensive (good?) brands. It would not surprise me, knowing how "gratteux"/cheap Quebec society tends to be, that it would be the case. If they sold pre-smoked ashes at $2 the pack, and so long as they could smoke it, I'm sure you'd get buyers.


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