Morning Radio Shows

Fuck I hate these assholes who are hired to be radio hosts on "prestigious" morning shows. For years and years it seems like these hosts are the most highly idolized on the radio and a "good" morning show is key to a station's success. This is how people start their day, though their alarm clocks and during the morning commute, so you want your station to offer a friendly voice. These positions are the most desired in the radio business, and when you get your own morning show, you know you've made it.

However, I can not stand these shows. The hosts are usually nothing more than arrogant pricks who have absolutely no merits in society other than this insignificant claim to fame of having their voice heard. The majority of them on popular radio have no class, are uninteresting, unfunny, and are extremely obnoxious.

When I wake up in the morning to the radio, I want to hear some good tunes that will start my day off right and in a good mood. It seems like whenever the radio goes off in the morning, it's about 80%+ talking, 10% commercials, and 10% music. I actually end up falling asleep again most of the time because I just cannot stand these people. I tried just waking up to the normal alarm but that's not any better. I can't believe these people get paid pretty good salaries to come in each morning and just babble on like a bunch of rowdy drunks about whatever they want. Why do we let them get away with this?

My point is, has anyone actually researched this phenomena at all? Do radio stations actually believe we want to listen to your average joe schmuck making fart jokes, laughing at them very loudly and uncontrollably, being very arrogant, and telling us about all the wonderful things going on in his life. I don't fucking want to hear it when I wake up. In fact, I don't ever give a damn about these people and their ridiculous conversations. I find it hard to believe that anybody would.

I wonder what types of psychological aspects are involved in these shows. For example, do commuters find it comforting to listen to average people have mind-numbingly dumb conversations while they're gridlocked? Is it somewhat comforting to feel like these people are "friends" and that you identify with them? Do people enjoy the laid back approach?

I don't really have any insights or answers to any of these questions at the moment. However, I say: Down with the talk, up with the rock! (No pun intended....ho ho...I'm so fucking clever. I intended it and now I will draw attention to the rhyme by telling you it was just pure coincidence, making the situation all that more awkward and comedic.)


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