My new wave of information

I've been on a mission for a few weeks. I'm trying to spread the word around about vaginal tightness.

Seeing as I enjoy watching people in awkward situations, I thought I'd flip the page on this one. As it seems, this is actually a pretty popular discomfort many women have, yet it isn't spoken about very well. It concerns the tightness of their vaginas. It seems that a good and healthy lifestyle will be assosiated with tighter vaginas, whereas a more lazy and slutty one with a loose one.

So! Now that it's out in the open, I would like to point out as well that there is an operation who's goal it is to tighten the vagina. The procedure is simple, the walls of the vagina are cut on both sides. The cut it then stitched up to tighten the vagina once more. This operation is done to get that virgin feeling back into sex.

Have a go at it, ask around, because there's nothing more entertaining then making women question their appearence. Now if they have to also question how tight they are, and how that can be seen by the opposite sex, I'd love to see how this wave of information can seriously affect a generation.


At 11/10/05 11:52 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

You could be starting a revolution here. Forget breast implants, that's so 90s! The next wave of plastic surgery will be vaginal tightening. I figure there could maybe be a benchmark of some kind, and we could color-code women with a little dot on their foreheads, much like Indians do. If the dot is green, it's clean. If the dot is red, stay out of bed.


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