My theory of evolution

Here's food for thought:

As kids, what seriously captures our attention are things. Objects, matter, these things that surround us and how they work tend to fascinate us. We also discover early on something abstract called art. This is almost a way of getting in touch with our subconscience. Art is a gateway to many things, to portray our adaptation of the outside world. Our adaptation of these objects we hold so deer to us and find so interesting.

As you grow older, you realize that objects are no longer the most interesting thing out there. You've learned enough abstract and enough object functions to see that the most perplexe thing in life are people. So you abandon the ideas of the past and move on to the world. Your new hobby is now sociolizing! You enjoy people, you want to know who people are. You now try to see things as logic instead of abstract! You get to know people, and get in touch with this new '6th sense' entitled emotions. What is now connecting you to your subconscience isn't art, but these emotions that everyone talks about.

Before hand, it was pretty basic: Happy, Sad, fearful, safe. Now you realize that emotions are almost an art, a sense of there own. You can now experience the world through this. Emotions take place of the senses. People are so intriguing, but wait! After a while, you realize people are deceptive and try to rationalize the reasons behind this. Your brain says 'no way it's my fault' so you begin to see people as functions. Only functions. People are now reduced to what-they-say and what-they-do. They no longer are personalities that are so complex and unique. They only have one purpose.

Here's where the issue comes in; when you do finally get past teenage years, you have to find balance anew. Objects are now important again, understanding their functions and their part in the greater world, but wait, people still linger around! You begin to wonder if mind and matter aren't suppose to be combinated? If you're dumb, you'll stop here with the conclusion that mind has certain functions mixed with matter. This is the road to depression and opression.

The right road is to get connected once more with your subconscience. As a matter of fact, it's at this point and time that the subconscience and need for creativity becomes bigger! Art should take a new turn, all the forms of art that you weren't interest in before hand can be abandoned. You now have full controll of this. If you are to balance your life, you are to find balance between mind and matter, and see both as complicated systems which can be explained through your subconscious mind into magnificent objects or expressions.

People who don't find balance are often met with mental problems and social issues, and now that they see people as a function, they begin to wonder: Am I a function? And since they are now passive beings, the answer isn't important, and the question is even less, just as long as you fullfill your function.


At 25/10/05 9:51 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Ugh....I think you explained this WAY better to me in person. It sounds all awkward and beating-around-the-bush-like here.


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