Parents and their children

I've been overhearing and observing this popular belief that adults who have children should be protected at all cost. Murderers can't possibly do the full jail time, they have kids! What's with this belief?

I only seem to be noticing retarted parents, and retarted children. If it were up to me, I would more then happily slowly torture most parents. I believe I can even list the different types in order I would like to torture most:
In first place, it's a close tie between religious parents and soccer parents.
In second place, unattentive parents.
In third, neglective parents.

I absolutely do not see how these adults can possibly justify their entire life through their kids. As if they're the most important thing in the world now that they have a saliving stump at home, let these fuckers wait in line like everyone else. I don't believe they deserve more protection. And I certainly don't see why we should priviledge of see them as important people in society. Most of these fuckers fail to properly raise their kids, so I don't understand what makes them so important. Hell, I can screw up raising kids too. How about we give these parents the chair, and leave their kids with me for a while? I could do the same job.

That's not to say this applies to all parents, but again, the good ones are rare and they have to suffer having their kids meddle around with badly raised ones, making their job harder. I guess this is linked to the weak individuals that are unable to live by themselves so they end up coupling with somebody.


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