Quebec Music

I juxtaposed two songs for the first time today and was somewhat shocked at the striking resemblances between the two. Listen to Harmonium - Pour Un Instant and The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun. The Harmonium song, arguably one of the biggest and well-known Quebec-produced hits, is a blatant ripoff of The Beatles' song. Some observations, with the help of Francis (kthx):

- The rhythm is essentially the same
- Main chords are a D and A7 in both songs
- Here Comes The Sun sounds slightly brighter because there's a capo on the 7th fret

I don't know, but listening to these two songs one after the other is just kind of sad. The biggest Quebecois song of that era is basically a repackaged British song by the most well-known band of all time. I'd really be interested in hearing someone argue in favour of Québécois music. Nothing good ever came out of it, and it appears that they're not as fucking clever as some people think. I guess this is why, other than a few artists, anglophone bands remain popular even today with the baby boomers. Just look at an "old person's" vinyl or cd collection and I guarantee you will find a large majority of acts (and the person's favourite ones) that are anglophone.


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