Skunks and Circus Acts

I had one of the most fucked up dreams of my life this morning, and I feel that I need to share it, or at least write it down in a proper format so that I can remember this down the road. I didn't sleep well last night, so I took a 2hr nap between classes this morning. The phone woke me up from this dream, but I absolutely had to write it down.

I'm not entirely sure where it begins, as it is somewhat vague and abstract, but I can gather that it was either a weird high school here in Ottawa with some familiar faces, or a summer camp of some kind. It essentially starts with a bunch of kids gathered near a stage, in the forest. The Scalzo twins get up on stage in metallic bikinis and perform a circus act involving hoola hoops and other oddities. For some reason, I happen to notice, as I'm walking away, that everyone there has the exact same shoes that I do (Montrails). I ask someone about it, and they tell me that they're the best shoes, etc. We end up discussing the merits of the shoes for a while.

I walk away into a hilly area. For some reason, I am now crawling on the ground, and I spot a skunk, only feet away from me. It walks closer. Not sure why, but I'm unable to get away or really do anythingm, as I'm still crawling. I lay still for a moment, trying to think of what to do. As I try to crawl away, the skunk goes crazy and starts spraying in every direction. Its hair stands on end and it begins to bark at me while it's frantically spasming erradically all over the place.

Then, I wake up in a room which is not unlike where I'm currently staying. It looks like some type of hotel room, but the configuration is quite different, and it's also much larger. My first reaction is that I don't smell any skunk odor. Then, I think that I might have been date raped and brought to this place after I fell unconscious from the skunk attack.

I slowly get up and examine my surroundings. I notice that on all the tables, there are dozens of pairs of Montrail shoes like mine and an Osprey backpack (which could have been mine?? Not sure). I proceed to walk over to a door and open it. Inside, it appeared to be kind of like a cold room for wine storage, with only a cement floor and a small drain in the middle. I curiously flip the light switch, and it was the fluorescent squiggly type bulb that is found in many hotels nowadays. I was quite interested in the delay before it actually turns on, and also the subtle noise that it makes. I played with the light switch for a few minutes, turning it on and off at different intervals. Then, as I flip it on, all I hear is a loud mechanical noise from the ceiling and the sound of a man screaming, also coming from the ceiling. The light no longer wants to turn on.

Thinking this is rather curious, I decide to investigate. I hear what I think is some sort of alarm, but I'm not sure. Then, I walk outside into the hall and note that the room number I'm in is 1156 (my current room is 2211). The hallway seems to be very different. It's much longer, for one, almost infinite. Secondly, the color scheme is much darker (crimson reds and emerald greens). There are about 20 cleaning ladies in the hall, all vaccuming, and all of them are staring at me. I look for a while, and then get freaked out and decide to go back in my room.

As I walk back inside, I open another door and see a man who is adjusting his tie. He grins awkwardly at me.

Then the phone rings, and I wake up. Weird.


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