Smoker's paradise

Alright, this is posted after having done minimal research on the subject. All further 'facts' are based on my observations only.

It seems to me like I barely have any cigarette-smoking friends. Whatever friends I have that smoke, are all tied together. I've been making a few observations that I believe are note worthy.

I'm fascinated by the psychology behind smoking. I have a theory that people who smoke can suffer from several mental illnesses. They probably isolate themselves quite a bit and must have problems with concentration. I say this because I often observe that when 2 smokers speak, the one who listens and doesn't lead the conversation is smoking. It also seems that the conversations are less progressive because one does the talking, and the other does the listening. They aren't building off each other.

Also, I believe a lot of smokers take some sub-conscious satisfaction in smoking. They get that feeling that this is an activity they chose to do, almost like a hobby. It is also a self-destructive hobby so they must have problems with depression or views of themselves.

So it is my belief that no good can come of such a dirty hobby.


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