Unidentifiable foods and display

This little anecdote happened just a few minutes ago.
My mom walks into my room, holding what looks like birdfood in her hand. Basically, I can't identify a single part of what she's holding up. Her hand is covered in oils and lord knows what else and there she is holding this ball of...things. I thought I identified weat in there, apperently they were crackers. She asks me to take a bite out of it.
Naturally I declined. The argument went on for about 10 minutes until she finaly caved in and went away. I also learned that what she was holding in her hand was the combination of 3 different meats, crackers and other 'materials'. It also happens that it wasn't bird food, but human digestible food.

So I have to ask, if she had brought me this on a plate, would I have been more inclined to take a bite out of it? Probably, the issue remains I still can't identify a single part of what she was holding up and that can't be good.

Would McDonald's burgers be better if only they brought it to us on a plate? What if more 'foreign' food were identifyable by look. It seems the Americans like it simple, they love to know what they're eating. It often lacks of imaginative display.


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