Walking Conventions pt.2

There's something odd about the way we walk. I always feel like we've somehow decided on a standarized type of walking. Have you also noticed the different styles of walking and charicatured walks? How fucking amazing is the simple action of walking on a movement level? Canadian artist Ryan Larkin put his name in the history books when he made a short animated film entitled 'En marchant' in 1969. The short depicted people walking normally with extreme ressemblance to the actual walk, and people walking in the most bizard way possible. The animation and ideas are simply brilliantly animated.

I've been pulling a sort of prank or experience lately. Every once in a while, while I'm walking with a friend, I tend to all the sudden walk in a different way. Most of the people I've walked with are puzzled and somewhat embarassed by this. I all the sudden slouch, my legs become rubber, the top of my body doesn't seem to react normally to the action of watlking, etc. Some people find it funny, but it seems like we've seriously defined a look to proper and popular walking while at the same time are completely wierded out when we see someone break the rules completely.

Sometimes, and most of the times, we're freaking amused!


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