We are the machines

Welcome to your artificial world, we promote the use of all kinds of artificial stimuli. As a matter of fact, we discourage everyone from actually giving in to what they truely are. In our metropolis, you can become dependent of the system, where you will have no choice but to follow orders. We will ask a few things from you though:
1. Dress in a comformed way so that the visuals deal with the norm.
2. Put on parfume so that you don't smell normal.
3. Speak of subjects that we chose so that you don't sound abnormal from the rest of the sytem.
4. Specific fibers and other such parts of your body shall be trimmed and/or cut.
5. Last, but not least, do not forget that our food doesn't taste like the actual thing here.
Sure, you might say that anything artificial came from the earth, so it actually is natural. For people like you, we have what we call our 'natural products' section. In this section, you can find all your 'natural products' in very 'un-natural containers', in serious 'un-natural rows' in our very 'un-natural stores'. Hell, become a consumer whore if you'd like no matter what your ideas are.

We are well on our way to attain our goal, that of artifical intelligence. We will build machines that will be smarter and better then us. Then, to balance things out, we'll refuse to give them what we call 'emotions' or 'souls', that way we, the inferior kind, will be able to hold our heads up and look down upon our superior creation. I guess we'll know how God feels then.


At 17/10/05 12:00 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

What's this "God" you speak of? :D

Did you happen to be listening to some Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine while reading some George Orwell as you were writing this?

I actually really like your whole analogy of natural food products. Or "biological"....from the Earth. The sad thing is that our nutrition is becoming more artificial and we're not really aware this transition is happening.


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