While we're on urinals

Since the subject has been braught up, I'd like to point out a few other problems I have with urinals:

- The 'soup-bowl' versions of them that end up sticking so far out of the wall make me extremely uncomfortable. These fucking things feel like you've got to piss far away from any cover and somehow I feel extremely exposed to everyone.

- Whenever a friend takes a leak next to me, I'm confused as to whether I should have a conversation or not. It always ends up being this extremely awkward silence and occasional look at the other in the face. Seems like a very bad time to have a convo, but worst is I wonder if certain subjects become more appropriate then others.

- I'm now too tall for the long versions of the urinals. The ones that go pretty high up and expand all the way to the floor. I'm officially too tall for those things. I have to somehow bend my knees to be able to properly piss in them.

- I remember as a kid getting some kind of cover, like seperations between urinals. Somehow, that idea was forgotten over time and we no longer have that luxury.

- Certain bathrooms leave a lot to be desired. Ever been stuck in a bathroom where the urinals feel like they were added on later and now the bathroom's all crammed and when you take a piss it reflects off the fucking mirror over the sink? Which, of course, happens to be viewable from the outside. Seems to me like a camera right over the fucking urinal would be less of a hasle then having an audience.

- I somehow feel very compelled to read adds when I piss. So whenever I'm given little adds over the urinals, I feel very happy.


At 28/10/05 10:48 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

The conversation thing has always been funny to me. Two guys small-talking as they're holding their dicks only a few inches apart from each other makes for a very awkward and unique situation.

Regarding dividers, one thing I noticed when I moved to Quebec is that they used alot more dividers between urinals. In Ontario, it doesn't appear to be quite as widespread. I wonder what current trends are for new bathrooms. Wall or no wall? Who decides this?


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