90s Playtime Language

I was thinking how interesting it is that kids' playtime language has changed through the years. Thinking back to when I was younger, the names we used to think up for playtime and pets was absolutely hilarious and yet kind of appealing. Typical childhood conversation:

A - I have a dog!
B - No shit, what's he called?
A - Spike!
B - Wow, that's so cool!
A - Yeah, and I have a cat named Killer.
B - Sick!

Something like that anyhow. I'm just wondering what happened to these kind of funny agressive names that we used to have for pets. Role-playing games were kind of similar. I remember being in 1st grade or whatever and playing some type of role-playing game in the park when with some friends, someone would always call their "character" Spike, Raptor, Killer, Venom or Sabretooth. This probably stemmed from the larger importance of comic books back then, but I really don't know. It seems like these things contributed to our creativity and imaginations when we were younger. What the hell to people name their pets now? Davy Crockett and Steely Dan?


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