Bad timing

Something about timing can be funny, you see, life does have a certain flow and does repeat itself quite often. It is these repetitions that we base our decisions on. They're cues for us to change the routine or align our lives to head in a specific direction.

Sometimes these cues are a little out of sync, take my day for example:
I decided that I hadn't smoked up in a while and it'd be enjoyable to be present at my Public Speaking Event with my ipod at hand, a some THC in my blood. The 10 most liked speaches that dealth with rated G material were to be presented in front of a panel of arrogant judges which contained a writer for the Press. I knew my speach was rated R so I knew I wasn't going to pass in front of everyone. Naturally, the nice weed sitting in my car felt like heaven.

The problem is that although my speach was rated R, my teachers do appreciate my speaches. So it turns out, while I'm walking through the door, stoned and wearing a suit (the event required a dress code) my teacher approached me to ask that I greet the judges. Problem with cues is that they get worst. I hadn't smoked a lot, basically was finishing a bowl I hadn't finished a few days earlier. So I was ok, but that's when I realized I had already gotten this far and my buzz was wearing off. We took a break, and I decided to smoke a smaller bowl. The second I get back into the Agora, I'm asked to go to security and aquire a parking pass for one of the judges. Double-fuck, I'm not only stuck having to care for the Official People, but I'm also stuck having to deal with security. No problems enssued, but I tried to get out of the room as quick as possible once I was no longer required to attend.

Also, given the fact that a cheap buffet was available to me, I thought that if I got away with being stoned so far, I wouldn't get away with it if anyone would see me eat.


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