Christmas Desires, Scheduling and Convenience

Christmas has, let's face it, become nothing more than the time of the year when the neoliberal economic order kicks into high gear. By strategically releasing all kinds of new and improved products each year in November, the onslaught of advertising by retailers and "Hot Gift Ideas!", and all types of peer pressure, we have in fact geared ourselves toward this holiday. We stress each other out because we have pressure on us from others who demand to know what we want for Christmas, and we demand to know from others what they want so that we can buy them something adequate.

I'm a bit split on the issue. On one hand, I think that the concept of a "Christmas List" is a pretty good one, as I've always hated getting random crap which just ends up sitting in a corner. On the other hand, gifts are supposed to be from loved ones, so you hope that they might know you pretty well, and think of something original or interesting to offer you which would be a surprise. This is how I always wanted it to be, but that often means you get a knitted sweater instead of something you might actually use.

The fact is, when I want or need something really bad, I'm not the type to push it off to Christmas or my birthday, I usually just buy it for myself. I therefore find that I get in a bit of a situation each year at Christmas where I almost have to invent needs for myself, or things which I wouldn't mind getting, but probably wouldn't buy for myself otherwise. While it's certainly fun to get free loot, I think that if this has really become the purpose, I should just tell people any time of the year when I want or need something, and they should buy it for me then. There are several things which I know I'll be wanting or needing a few months down the road, but I don't want to ask for them now for a variety of reasons. It just annoys me that I end up waisting this "opportunity" on contrived needs.


At 28/11/05 11:54 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

I like how the neo-liberal order is destroying the religious aspect of christmas ;)! Hats off to capitalism for that one!


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