An experiment in power and bus driving

I had the most interesting bus driver last night on my way to school. At night, on the Transitway, drivers actually get on the intercom and inform people what stops are coming up next, as it's often tough to tell by looking out the window. This tends to be pretty standard stuff like "Next stop: My house!" or whatever. But last night was really special. Either the driver had some type of mental illness or he was just enjoying his position of power far too much.

This guy decided it would be interesting to speak on the intercom almost non-stop. So, he would announce the next stop, and then proceed to tell people what was around there. "Next stop: Blair...Gloucester Center Mall....Catch a movie at the theatre....they've got great popcorn" And he would just keep on talking. At one point he reminded people not to forget any belongings on the bus when they leave including, for women, children and spouses, because the "road to Fallowfield is a long and perilous one".

The beauty of this is not in the comments themselves, but rather in people's reactions to them. Some people were laughing out loud, commenting on what he was saying, etc. Others continued to sit there with that empty glance that most have on the bus, as if this was actually the train to Auschwitz or something. Either way, it was extremely interesting to see this guy stir things up and try to go out of convention.


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