How to fix consumerism

I got this idea today. I always believed that the problem with people is consumerism. That it stresses them, that it makes them forget about their senses and makes them think with material things. And so today, I came up with a solution. Since women are the ones who seem to be focused on consuming more then men, I think we should simply let the average Joe make clothes.

I got the thought when I noticed the bottom of one of my pants, at the left ankle, had the fabric slowly being detached and unfolded. So the obvious idea came to me, I should stapple this. Of course, something in my head clicked that said that sewing it back was the right idea, but the effort seemed so big that the stappler felt like my new best friend. That's when I realized that if people like me were to make and design clothes and control the entire industry, quickly things would change around the world. I'm afraid consumerism would take one major blow after that, but hey, that's just me...offering a solution.


At 10/11/05 10:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOKKKK!!! Decision taken, you will NEVER create clothes!! God, i would go crazy if i had to wear clothes that have been stapple together. pffff.... One day i'll go shopping with you. i'm sure you'll love it. I'll buy you pink shirts!!! lol
luv you


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