I think we should kill the elderly

The title says it all, I'm a strong believer in simply putting certain people out of their misery. Lately, I've slowly and slowly lost all remorce or respect for certain individuals. I feel as though the life of so many are wasted and are simply beyond saving while lives that do deserve a future are simply lingering and waiting on several things. The best examples of this? All one has to do is look at the amazing talents, gifts and leaders of the past and see how many of them died pre-maturely while morons kept living.

Now, I'm not the firing seargent, but I will be a judge. First and foremost, my parents should seriously be listed as useless individuals. Here's the scenario:
While at the dinner table, my brother started to discuss a photo he's seen in one of his classes. He has been studying this photo and other works by the same artist. In this photograph, one can see a crucifix in a jar filled with the photographer's own piss. My dad thought it was completely inappropriate and a stupid thing. To persue the matter and to actually discuss the subject further, I briefly mentionned how one of my friends, and the co-writer for this blog, has taken a shit on the Bible.
My brother and I had a good laugh, my dad had a straight face. He was seriously annoyed. He stated that "J'comprends pas ce qu'il y a des droles la-dedans" (I don't understand what's funny in that) To which I simply reply I don't understand what's NOT funny in that. My dad's a very narrow minded individual. Extremely stressed out and simply loves to abide by society's rules. (and Buddha's teachings of course)
He then went on to explain that the Bible is 'an object of respect'
To which I replied makes no sense. That an object deserves respect is ridiculous. An object is a tool, an object can be taken care of, an object can save a life, but it isn't worthy of respect. Respect if for individuals, not objects. Consumer society anyone?
Then of course my mom intervines adding that these acts are disrespectful to the people that do believe in God. So again, I give them the flip side and explain that the mere presence of these objects are insults to those who don't believe in God. So why would we favor one group and not the next? Besides, nobody threw the shit filled Bible on anyone.
Of course, it may be worth mentionning that my father threw out at least 10 bibles a few years back to be burnt or simply trashed.

Now, with his wonderful respect for objects, he's now burning gasoline outside while breaking the cycle of life by picking up leafs. What a great example of modern living this fucker is.


At 5/11/05 5:02 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Brilliant, sir, nothing else to say. I got a good chuckle, especially about the fact that you decided to reveal to the world I took a dump on a book. I somehow was re-imagining the scenario...

At 5/11/05 6:20 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

I'm still laughing at this. You know, if my mom reads this, she's disowning me, right? :D

That wouldn't be all that bad....road trip!

At 9/11/05 9:23 AM, Anonymous Andres said...

Dude... (ive been 5 minutes siting herer thinking what i should write cuz i feel that blog deserves a coment... but none come to mind.)

and as for the bible well its symbolically disrespectfull. emphasis on the "symbolically"
not to me cuz i do not believe in the church. i believe in god, but not in the church

At 9/11/05 10:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 14/11/05 12:33 AM, Anonymous ben said...

We should finish this poster one day...

At 14/11/05 12:34 AM, Anonymous ben said...

Maybe the shit+bible could fill the last spot in the upper right corner of the poster :D

At 22/11/05 1:01 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

AHAHAHAHAH yeah, that's so good.


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