There are two kinds of interruptions I really hate. I wish there was a way around these. First of all, there's the moment when you finally decide to relieve yourself and take a shit. Of course, then the phone starts ringing halfway through, and you realize you're home alone. There's the brief moment where you think to yourself if it's worth it, if it's important, whatever. Generally I end up limping out of the bathroom at about 100 miles an hour with my pants around my waist to try and answer the phone. Even worse is that for some reasons it's usually my dad, who ends up wanting to have like a 10 minute conversation on random bullshit.

The second interruption is during stretching. There is nothing worse you can do to a person than interrupt them mid-stretch. Either by somehow pushing them or touching them or tickling them, whatever. It throws you all out-of-whack and kind of unbalances the tension which should have been released during the stretch. Don't ever do it, I'll bite your head off.


At 16/11/05 5:35 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Its even better when you limp out of the bathroom with toilet paper clenched between your cheeks ;)


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