Our Fascination With Penises

Men have a fascination with penises that we are not aware of. More specifically, I think we are all in love with our own penises somehow. I only came to realize this today, for whatever reason, and I'm surprised. So I was stuck in the typical scenario, 4 guys standing next to each other, pissing at urinals. Now this is often a bit taboo considering the close proximity, but for whatever reason I look to my left and notice that every single guy is just staring at his penis. Of course, your choices are limited when you're pissing, stare at the ads on the wall or stare at the urination process.

I was quite shocked to notice that we all just kind of stare at our penises 90% of the time when we piss. Of course, this is normal when you're using a toilet as you want to "aim" properly, but there's no real reason to do so in the context of urinals. So, somehow we enjoy watching ourselves piss or getting a rare occasion to look at our penises in a public place.


At 25/11/05 11:51 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Haha wow, that is indeed very true, seems we do cant help it but stare at our dicks. But when I usually go piss, I like to read the nice big ads(sometimes we even get TV screens right in front of us while we piss in public bathrooms) and I always seem to get that recurring thought, the thought that its disgusting to see how advertisement and the corporate drive for mass consumption invades our most peaceful and serene moments.

At 26/11/05 12:24 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

I don't know where you're pissing to get TVs, but I want some of that action! One of the problems with ads is that you're too close to them so you can never really see the "full" ad, you have to twist your head around in a strange manner to see the whole thing. It's like trying to read a dictionary with you face up against it.

As far as pece and serenity go, I'm generally more preoccupied that the guy next to me will reach for my balls instead of his own.

At 24/1/06 2:09 PM, Anonymous Junior said...

yea, thats all very interesting. My sister asked me once..
"if you had a flopper, would you jack it?"
i just said
"fucken ayes i would."
too bad "long"-thought dreams cant come true...haha jk, but maybe if you expert your pissing routine then its like you dont even need to think about it anymore...but i agree with portelance, make sure the other guy is looking at his own junk...(nasty)

At 24/1/06 2:11 PM, Anonymous Junior said...

i forgot to put that i was considered a boy until i came out of my muma's jeed.

At 24/1/06 2:16 PM, Anonymous Junior said...

(continued again)
in case you didnt already figure it out, a jeed is ya mama's puss..

At 24/1/06 2:20 PM, Anonymous Junior's Sis said...

(junoir's sis speaking)
Man, I have always wondered if when guys show eah other their junk if they have ever gotten off. You know its something that some girls think about and of course we won't ask a guy because they will abviously deny it!! Anyways over and out!!


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