Persistent Unoriginality In Music

I'm fucking sick and tired of rap/hip-hop and the persistent unoriginality and lack of musical qualities in it. I'm especially talking about the most commercial forms of it. Now I just had to endure the latest Black Eyes Peas single on the radio as my sister picked me up tonight. It's called Pump It. Being in the good mood I was, and the DJ having announced that "Pump It" by Black Eyed Peas was next, I started imitating on the fly what I thought the song would sound like. Amazingly enough, I was almost fucking dead-on about the style of "singing" and also the "instrumentality" that accompanies it. What fucking annoyed me the most is you get this worthless mumbling dipshit singing for almost the whole time. You can't even make out a word he's saying, but not that it matters, it's probably completely retarded anyway.

What aggravated and interested me the most, though, was that the music playing in the background during the chorus is probably surf-guitarist Dick Dale's most well-known song (in part due to Pulp Fiction, for our generation), Miserlou. I think that one of the reasons this song is popular is because they're sampling and basing the rest of the song around something that is actually good, musical (gasp!), and popular. This appears to be a tradition in this type of music now, starting in the 80s with crap like Ice Ice Baby (aka Queen's Under Pressure) and now falling to ever-persistent lows. Rap and hip-hop are especially guilty of recycling songs and coming out with new singles which would be worthless shit that I'd wipe my ass with if it weren't for the stolen parts. Not that it completely redeems the songs. The uneducated are no doubt impressed at how fucking genius this song is and fall completely in love with it, but it's repetitive and unoriginal, just like all new music. On top of Miserlou, Black Eyed Peas added the ever popular clap as "instrumentation" just for good measure. Nothing says a good song like clapping!


At 26/11/05 3:10 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

I have been informed by Eric (the other one!) that this is not in fact the latest Black Eyed Peas single, but rather their previous one. Apparently the new one is worse. Oh fuck... I think at the rate we're headed, we're going to devolve our music so much that we'll have to re-discover rhythm and melody in a few years as basic concepts of sound.

At 26/11/05 7:36 PM, Anonymous Patrick said...

At least there's always indie, which tries to change the music industry bit by bit.


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