The Problem With Democracy

I hate to sound like I'm skull fucking Aristotle lately, but here's another topic of interest in regards to his philosophy. It blends in with what I've been discussing on and off for the past week or so.

I was commenting a few days ago how it is essential to pursue leasure time in order to achieve proper rational thought and, as Aristotle argues, to become and effective citizen. So, here is one of the inherent problems with democracy. We pursue a good end but do not have the means to achieve it. The perfect household is one in which the leading male can be freed of manual labour in order to pursue this quest for rational thought and cultivate himself. The problem with democracy is that the poor who pursue leasure time have no time because they are forced to work more simply in order to sustain themselves. They have no time, so they cannot cultivate reason. Without reason, we cannot seek the common good of society or develop our own intellectual potential. The problem here, too, is that, if aristocracy is the rule of the rich, then democracy is the rule of the poor. If the poor don't cultivate reason, then it will essentially be a flawed system not working for the common good. In case you're wondering, no, we don't live in a democracy. Just some food for thought.


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