Too Much Free Time

What the fuck? Is it actually possible to have too much free time? My dad informs me tonight that I should start looking for a job this week because, according to him, I have "too much free time". Well, I do agree that I will have to look for a job shortly, but not for reasons of having too much free time. It depends what your definition of free time is, of course. If by free time you mean sitting on your ass doing nothing productive, I would suggest to my parents that they have far too much free time and should find some hobbies. If my free time you mean "not contributing to society" or something of the sort, then of course I have too much of it, and it's done on purpose.

It seems to me that this whole concept of free time is really absurd. I arrange my schedule and accomplish tasks as quickly as possible so that I can devote time to a gazillion other things which I actually want to do and which are enjoyable to me. My parents spend their weekends walking around the house trying to find what ridiculous tasks need to be accomplished, and then essentially do them in the least time-saving manner possible.

Often times they will drag me into it and it's fucking annoying. I will be called at random intervals during the day to help out with something which has taken them just as long to explain to me how to do it than it would take them to do it themselves. For example, today my dad was changing some light fixtures. He somehow wanted me to stand around and hand him tools and random parts, a complete waste of my time and not really all that helpful for him, in the end. If I'm in my room working on something, they will enter no less than 10 times in a day, commenting on the layout or something ridiculous, repeating known facts ("That desk seems pretty good after all, eh!" or "What do you think of your bedroom furniture?").

My parents often spend hours just discussing projects instead of actually trying to do something about a problem. Questions like "Do you like this table?" or "How should we arrange this room?" or statements like "I think we need to buy a nice lamp to go here". Fucking ridiculous. My dad is especially guilty, though, of just walking in at random moments to see what I'm "up to". Generally I can't really explain to him what I'm doing because I know he's not really interested, nor will he actually understand most of the time. He just walks in here because he wants to have a grasp on people's positions in the house, if they're "productive" (ie. screwing in a lightbulb, doing homework, or doing chores), and so that he can have something to do.

After these random tasks, then we have supper, they watch tv, and go to bed. You're living like kings you fucking schmucks, no doubt about it! And I have too much free time...


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