What's going on with our youth?

I've got a bad taste of reality last night. It's my friend's birthday and I haven't been going out to clubs or bars in a long time. Notice I did use to go intentively, so I do consider myself as being part of the problem a while ago. Last night, I noticed just how ridiculous the lives of our young adults are.

Here's what a conversation could sound like if I was honest:

Person a: "So, what did you do last night?"
Person b: "Went clubbing...went to system!"
a: "So...what did you DO last night?"
b: "Got drunk."
a: "Ok...how long did you stay at system for?"
b: "Until 3am."
a: "You got drunk until 3am?"
a: "Do anything when you were drunk?"
b: "Don't know...don't remember."
a: "...so what did you DO last night?"
b: "Danced."
a: "Learn anything?"
b: "Don't remember."
a: "Got any better at dancing?"
b: "Kinda followed the crowd you know?"
a: "No...I seriously don't.
b: "It was so much fun..."
a: "But you don't remember it..."
b: "I remember it was fun."
a: "So you waste 5hrs of your life, not to mention your liver, on something you can't remember, and you haven't improved your own life at all? So you basically wasted your life and time. How can you possibly tell me this is something you DID last night? Sounds like a comotose, or a bad dream.
b: "my head hurts..."

Fucking brilliant, how can you justify having spent a night like that? How can you possibly be proud of even spending a night like that? I use to go clubbing 3-4 times a week at some point, so I can say I was an idiot. And I can surely say I'm glad I'm not part of the labotomised group anymore.

And if you say you go clubbing because you like to dance, let me explain something important. Dancing is a form of expression, it's an art. If it takes clubbing amongst a bunch of zombies to get you to dance, you don't like dancing. If it takes you 4 drinks to dance, you don't like dancing. Think of it as being religion, if the church goes away, and you lose faith, you never believed in God. So don't play that card you stupid, unartistic bags of ants' cunts!


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