Are we growing too quick?

I got a sense of vertigo today, although it was quite obvious to me for a while it truely hit me that the people I hang around with are far from becoming adults (when I say this, I'm refering more specifically to Emily's group of friends). When I'm with them, I am usually the youngest to be in the group. I'm 19, everyone else is much older. It's also an obvious fact that I represent often times one of the only men that hang around. Whenever there are more, they usually are around the age of 22.

So as I sit there, at a cofee shop, I look around and realize just how far these people are from becoming adults: They smoke, they work at Maxi, they 'tell secrets', they make immature jokes, they giggle at the slightest thing, they're barely in school, they don't think of the future, they still have issues dealing with people, they're depressed, they can't get relationships to work out and they certainly aren't moving forward with their lives. I'm not writing this to simply look down on them, but I do get that feeling that I'm not with the right crowd.

The first thing I'd like to point out, is that smoking has lost it's meaning amongst the adult world. As far as observations goes. I feel that smoking is more of a teenager phenomena. Our attempt at an adult choice, often completely ridiculous. This is the statement we like to make: We're old enough to take our lives into our own hands. Of course, instead of doing something positive to display such a thought, we smoke. Fucking idiotic.

Second thing, what's with our attempts at trying to turn our relationships into adult relationships? I'm not sure I can explain this properly, but I mean communication wize. It seems the older we get, the worst the communication becomes. I feel the reason why communication deteriorates is simply because a lot of us realize that things aren't just going to get done for us and that we'll have to work for them. Some of us still fight greatly to keep this from happening.

Third, I simply believe that a lot of us miss guidance when we grow older. The way things are heading for me, I will have established a lot in the next five years. Probably have set up myself nicely until retirement. Will I get bored? Of course, but not very often given the fact that I do have long term goals and a lot of the world to explore. The people that surround look as if they have no goals, and having some might simply be a weakness because hey, let's face it, 'things are suppose to fall on our laps'.

You know something, the west island is full of this hypocritical bullshit. I've met several people who have dissassociated themselves with computers simply because it might make them look like nerds. In the business world, I can tell you that the models I work with themselves have expressed concerns about computer hackers and shown their knowledge of computers. They aren't of course fully knowing of computer language, I'm as ignorant as them in the departement, but fuck, at least they reconize the fucking technology. These girls are hot, and they're smart. They don't have time to waste with fucking reputations. This is business. So why can't we fucking grow up?

So is our youth growing up to quickly? No. The reason why we can't make proper decisions is because we're used to being pampered. If this is a middle class/upper class phenomena, I'd be more then glad to see the lower class and working class rise up and knock these lazy assholes off their feet.


At 8/12/05 11:48 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

I'll restate for the benefit of others what I told you last night. Smoking to me is a leftover byproduct of a lost time. In most people it started in their early teen years by sneaking some of their parents' cigarettes or bumming them off other, older, people at school who were somehow seen as "cool" because of it.

It shows signs of extreme weakness at one point in your life. Most likely you succombed to peer pressure of some kind or were simply trying to fit a certain persona. The fact that you had to resort to smoking and that you somehow got hooked onto it is a testament to this.


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