Calling all ethnics

I'd like to express my distaste with Old Navy commercials. Ever since they came up with their "all white" concepts, I'd like to make a plea to anyone in a position of power to get rid of the individuals who are responsible for this disgrace.

For anyone in the dark about this, because I do believe the less TV someone watches the better, the Old Navy commercials have decided to go all out and use as many cliches as possible. From the almost completely filled with white people commercials, to the ridiculous smiling poses. In these commercials, all women are dumb blonds, and all men are big macho men. The occasional black person that pops in gets the very few downgraded lines.

So, if anyone has any power, please kill whoever decided this concept was good and should be continued. I can't believe I'm the only one pissed off by this, and I'm fucking white!


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