Crying in Kong

So I saw King Kong (the new CG jackoff fest version...) a few nights ago. The funniest thing to me about the whole movie is that there was a good number of people crying in the theatre. When I was walking out, there was a row of asians sitting and not moving, most of them visibly moved (too bad it wasn't Godzilla...). It got me wondering what exactly they might be crying about. I came to the conclusion that they are crying about the impossibility of beastiality. The big gorilla is just so misunderstood! He just wanted to love the beautiful young girl! How sad is that. But, you know, it's much better the other way around, I think Kong should shove his 10-storey high penis into her asshole and get it over with. Maybe the movie wouldn't be quite so sad then. At least it would be satisfying.

This really shows how a director can manipulate the audience. Ingmar Bergman, when making Persona, decided that he wanted it to be like a film within a film. He wanted us to be aware of how he, as a filmmaker, could manipulate our emotions. To this effect, we are shown the projector turning on at the start, and the film disintegrating halfway through. Is this reality that is disintegrating, or a creation? Bergman goes even further by showing the crew filming the movie briefly in order to make us aware of how we are simply being subjected to the director's game.

I wouldn't quite credit Peter Jackson with being a great director, but it's interesting to see how a film can manipulate people's emotions completely irrationally. People are crying because the characters on screen are sad. We do not know these people. We, in fact, know that they do not and never have existed. The character of Kong is complete fantasy, yet there are still people crying because of impossible beastiality.


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