The gift dilemma

Call me psychotic, but I've got problems when it comes to getting or giving gifts. Something about the thought makes no sense sometimes. You see, for me, gift giving should only accure when a gift is practical. You need something, you get something. Somebody needs something, you give them the thing they need.

So when it comes to birthdays, christmas and other such holidays where giving/getting gifts is 'required' I'm thrown off. Feels as if a gift I would give, instead of becoming practical, might simply become a burden to the other person. Take even jewlery for example, if you are to give a necklace to somebody, maybe this person will be burdonned by the fact that she might have to wear it around you. Do I want to be the cause of all this stress? She might even be so stressed as to not lose it, break it or get it stolen that I might be creating more of a problem then anything else. It works the other way around, if I'm given a gift that requires a wear or anything of the sort, I wonder if the person who gave it out is expecting me to wear it around them or something.

Call me cheap, but the gift giving idea is simply fucking ludacris. A gift means something when it comes in handy. So to illiminate all sorts of problems, I've categorized the two types of gifts that are worth giving out in times like these: Something you can borrow, or something that is useless.

There, no problems can enssue. You can borrow something, it means it's practical. You give something useless, then the person won't have any problems doing anything with it. I understand that I mentionned issues with jewelry before, but I do find that jewelry should fit in the useless category.

I also find clothe to be more of a hassle then anything in the world. Sizes and such. What I find ridiculous falls into the category of the element of surprise a gift is suppose to give out. Not only are you suppose to surprise the other, but you also have to find out their size and so on so forth. Stupid.

Eric already mentionned the issue with gift receiving around specific occasions. So I won't repeat it, simply re-mention quickly that I also find it stupid I have to figure that I want something all the sudden.

For a more positive note, my solution to gift giving will always fall into art for me. I enjoy art quite a bit, and I find art to be no burdon for somebody. So I enjoy shopping art galleries, all sorts of art: Writing, paintings, sculptures, rocks, drawings, movies, etc... Art to me feels like the only gift that means something to me, and feels right sharing with others. So I enjoy giving a piece of art as a gift. The only issue is the expenses and the locations of such stores. Rare are the times I find adequate stores in Montreal. I think the only place I felt at home for such shopping needs was California.


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