Inter-Couple Relationships

An interesting thing happened last night and it got me thinking about how relationships between people evolve depending on their relationship status. As time goes on, couples no longer feel interested in hanging out with single people or especially with only one other person. For whatever reason the couple begins to depend more and more on each other for all forms of social interactions and so they can no longer properly behave as individuals in many situations.

So last night my parents were talking about the fact that they invited some friends over for supper tonight. My dad was saying that he had to go into work today for an urgent meeting and that he might only be back home about 30mins after they show up. So the funny thing here was my mom's reaction. She completely hated this idea and was hoping that my dad could be home earlier. This is especially funny since my parents have been friends with these people since well before I was born, so it's not like they're strangers. It just seems that my mom felt very uncomfortable being with them without my dad present. Just an observation on balance...


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