Jawdropping stupidity

I mentionned in my previous post how certain people tend to overshadow important aspects in life and put on a pedestal retarted situations. Eric also mentionned how ridiculous it was that certain people were overwhelmed over such things as bestiality. So I thought I'd share an anecdote and use it as grounds to push forward the idea that society is full of mental cases.

So last night, I get a phone call. This girl was suppose to pass by my studio today to get a shoot done and herself ranked amongst the company. Given the holidays though, it's all pretty much optional. Her call comes at around 10:42pm. She monologues for a while at how ridiculously busy she is and how she sounds like a 'business women' that day. I personally laugh at how ridiculously unprofessional her life is so I'm stuck holding the phone far from my ear so she doesn't overhear me, but I let her rant on anyways.

Later on, I meet her by coicidence at a poolhall where her friends are trying to organize their New Years' Party. The only words she speaks, in an overstressed tone of voice giving the 'I'm exhausted' gesture, is that there is somehow bad timing involved in whatever activity she is currently doing. Now, I'm not sure if she means bad timing as in my showing up, or bad timing in whatever she's doing. I get to meet up with our mutual friends and that's when I'm explained the 'dilemma'. Turns out, the girl is organizing the night and she needs tickets to get into this New Years' Party that's taking place in some club. Not such a bad idea, get a bunch of friends together in a specific place and simply have fun together. Stupidely though, it turns out she basically relied on one guy to get the tickets and this guy isn't inclined to give them away because he doesn't want certain people to be there.

Already off the bat, I find this to be completely ludicrous. Never organize something and let it rest on a contact's shoulder. So this contact backs out, then decides he'll get them the tickets anyways, in the meantime, since the contact originally pulled out a few others pull out. So out of 13 needed tickets, now only 6 people want to show up. This is fucking retarded. This basically means that out of 13 people, a good 7 were insecure followers. Once they saw their wonderful leader's lead be vitoed by some dickweed in a matter of seconds, they decided they didn't feel secure enough to follow.

Back to me though, part of this magnificent 10:42pm phone call, I'm asked when it is that she should show up the next day. This is a very suspicious question. Nobody asks 'when should I show up?' when they were scheduled to be there all day unless all the sudden they have specific times at which they can show up. So, I tossed her idiotic arrogance aside and asked her when she could show up. She gives me two different times: either 11am or 4pm. I tell her off about the 11am because I was stuck working all night. I just showed up at the poolhall to say hi to a few friends.

By the time morning comes, I get barely a few hours of sleep and get woken up early. So I decide I'd just go to work earlier and get my work done properly and schedule the bitch for 11am. Turns out she decided to sleep in, and she monologues once more about how she was busy and how New Years is ruined. I, again, have to hold the phone far away so not to have her overhear me laugh. At some point, I get fed up and tell her her friends are mentally challenged and display social awkwardness. To which she replies she's going to be really busy that day and she better get going 'or else'.

If you've ever scuba dived without the oxygen tank, so basic dives, you'd know that at least once a year you push your limits. You end up going deeper then expected and on your way back up you start to lack oxygen and struggle to get up. You push, kick, thrust and almost gasp to get all the way up to the surface. You are at the mercy of the elements, and things are out of your control. So you panic...but you basically make it back up. This is how this girl looked, except she was doing this over some New Years' Party tickets.

If she really wanted to spend time with her friends, tickets wouldn't have mattered. Now, it makes it look like friends were simple collateral and a geographic establishement is the important element.

Wow, the life of a West Island girl...so fucking exciting and stressful. Give me a break.


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