Parents Are Kids Inside

Parents, and all adults for that matter, appear to have strange outbursts of child-like behaviour from time to time. One one hand, this isn't surprising. We attempt to look at adults, and especially our parents, as being on a different level. They should be above childish jokes and be more predictable and mature. Yet, at the same time, it really strikes me that, in their behaviour, they're just like teenagers with a few more wrinkles and responsibilities. My father has always wanted to try and be a friend to me somehow, or try and blend in on the rare occasion as if he was still young. Most of my friends' parents have also come down to this level on the occasion. Both my parents get strange outbursts of happiness or emotion or desire which just seems to trigger from time to time. It's as if all of a sudden they were mentally freed from pressures of adult life and had the freedom to make a childish joke or act in a childish manner. It really freaks me out to think that, in my current state of mind, I will simply no longer be able to act the way I do in many situations because of external pressures. It also freaks me out to look at my parents' personalities and imagine them as if they were my age and friends of mine.


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