There are more mental cases then we think

This is an interesting analysis of society through my eyes. This is exactly the type of study I would enjoy conducting throughout University and the rest of the my life. I'd enjoy spending the rest of my life proving specific mental disorders present in our society and easily get rid of them. Of course, this might mean that mental hospitals will become huge prisons, but hey, society would be fixed.

From personal observations and gathered data over a period of 19years, I can safely say that a good percentage of the population is struck with some sort of mental disorder or even downright exhibit signs of mental illness. From the get-go, the best way to explain myself, I have to expires my disgust with the amount of anxiety attacks people have having on daily basis. I can safely say this would probably be one of the reasons why communication has gone awry. To begin with, North American society has had the fashion of pointing out the many different major questions and dilemmas adolescents go through. It has almost gone to the point that it is never depicted in society how much more dangerous and important the period that a person goes through between adolescence and adulthood. The problem is that we all have an idea of what a teenager is, and what an adult is. We all understand the very basic stereotype of what an adult should be yet never point out how to achieve such a look realistically. So in society, we're shown the opposites, but never shown the gradual part. It is only normal that most people are stressed today by the fact that, to them, the future is uncertain, they don't believe themselves to have become adult yet.

This divides people's minds. Somebody, in this case, might simply look at what an adult is, and reach the goal. Somebody else might see what an adult is, and only see an unrealistic goal. Stress caused by uncertainty can cause many mental disorders, and to a certain point make them retarded in the literal sense of the word. I'd love to make an emotional IQ test. I can guarantee that most people will fall into the retarded category, and this unbalance between knowledge and emotional awareness can cause depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, unable to make sane decisions, etc...

How is it that somebody can not have any goals in their lives? I understand the basic logic: That you can't keep going up in line because of the way society is made, but I think its way too basic of a logic. People lack a sense of security, and it drags others behind, so they end up not having short term goals to keep forward and keep going up the ladder.

The reason I'm writing this is I often see people make idiotic choices, choices that if a true adult was present, the choice would have been simple. I think we lack a major test to seriously prove that most adults are in fact retarded and more of a nuisance. I'm not simply talking about the current adults, I can safely say that this generation's adults will most likely be as retarded and a nuisance. People say we put to much pressure on our kids to grow up quickly, I find we don't put enough, we just put too much of it on the negative side. We teach them about "bad things" in society before they can even understand why these "bad things" came to be. From a child's perspective, drugs are actually quite a smart idea. We cram in their heads that its not, so of course they'll grow up to dislike and abuse of the drug. Dugs of themselves are still not used properly in society, and they can have a wonderful impact if the people are educated properly. The way I understand it: Everything is a tool. If we're never taught how to use them properly, we end up ruining them.

What's with the constant fear society always has? Fear of drugs, fear of terrorists, fear of the boss, fear of the students, fear of the people. Fear of everything. For fuck's sakes, we have fear of politicians now. People fear because they don't understand. Their fear, from my perspective, can be evidence to the amount of mental disorders that are present in society.

We fear the world when our personal territories need not be so big. I'm quite content with the affairs of things to be honest. I can travel the world if I want to, and I don't understand country divisions in a way. I understand the idea that society will grow when united, but how can we grow when we can't educate ourselves properly? The world's my backyard, not simply Canada. I'd love to see the world, constraints such as money don't seriously matter to me. I believe people have a fear of money, people want it because it brings them security when it actually gives them less security. That's another way of explaining the large amount of mental disorders. How can somebody properly live amongst society when he/she can't understand the actual danger? When someone can't identify dangers properly, then how can be convicted of murder? That's actually part of the American judicial system, to plead someone guilty or not, it is a simple matter of explaining and proving that the person who's committed the crime know that he/she actually did something wrong. So if someone can't tell true danger, then they can't possibly know right from wrong.

By my diagnostic, 90% of the population would be insane.


At 15/12/05 11:05 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

Excellent post! I couldn't agree with you more. Though, I must point out, the Canadian judicial system has the same system of pleas, obviously.


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