According to God

As it turns out, my parent's 25th year of marriage is coming up very soon. It might seem like a big figure, but 25 years is actually a bullshit amount of time: They were together 8 years prior to their marriage. So I was asked, what about those 8 years? Do they go unnoticed because God has a blind spot?

How is it that couples have to start counting from scratch the amount of time they were together because a ring, and some nutcase priest said a few lines. "From this on forth, we shall start counting again. Because we are counting...fod GOD now! How exciting is that?" Doesn't this mean God is somewhat of an ignorant moron, or does this mean that most people thing they've outsmarted God somehow? "Yeah, we've fucked...but don't tell God alright?"

"Wow Betsy! It's been 25 years since we last wasted a full day to my best friend the invisible man!"


At 7/4/06 11:30 AM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

You couldnt of said it any better! ;)

At 7/4/06 4:24 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

I'm always surprised nowadays when I see something posted on here that wasn't written by me. :)

Yeah, you're absolutely right. It's like all the stuff previously was a practice for the big game. I don't see how a religious marriage has anything to do with anything. Dumb religious concept...

In other news, when I get married, I'm going to forget all the times I've jacked off.... and start at zero. God turns a blind eye to all that.


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