I'm sick of Crash

I run a DVD store on Fridays and weekends. I'm the only making sure the store, machines and computers are all in order. I also help out clients and explain to them how the system work. I've noticed that a lot of people look up the movie 'Crash' as a first search, not to rent it, but to see whether our database is up to their standards.

A lot of these people actually cannot find the movie so they come up to me and ask. Once I find it for them easily, they simply nodd. I first ask them if, of course, they're talking about the Cronenberg version or the American version. The reaction of most is: "Crash is a remake?". I get this feeling in my gut when somebody mentions this, or when they tell they've never heard of the Cronenberg version. I get this urge to tell these people off. They arrogantly think that seeing 'Crash' and liking it makes them some fucking movie guru, and my system should stand up to their ever so developped taste buds, yet these fucking assholes don't know much about cinema.

Let's get one thing straight. I'm sick of people recommending 'Crash' (the American movie). Don't recommend me a stereotyped film. It isn't because black people are popular that making a movie about some 'nigger hater' shows just how the world is. Fuck you for being so fucking gullible. This movie isn't close to reality, it isn't setting some fucking boundaries or pushing the envelope. All the themes developed in the movie have been taken from several foreign films, and even some American films. Just because a movie has a form of narration slightly outside of conformity doesn't make it a masterpiece, especially not when the subject is treated with archetyped characters.

So do me a favor, and put 'Crash' in your piece of shit 'Napoleon Dynamite' bin and shut the fuck up.


At 30/4/06 12:19 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

Ah, yes, I couldn't agree more. I didn't really like the movie when I saw it. It had these ridiculous moralistic undertones that made me want to curl up and die.

I'm not a big fan of the Cronenberg version, but it's about 20x more interesting and creative.


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