64% of Canadians are still really stupid

Statistics Canada released an interesting survey today pertaining to the religious affiliations of Canadians. There are a number of points worth noting. First of all, 64% of Canadians are either moderately or strongly religious, meaning that they go to church on a regular or semi-regular basis, or they indulge in some kind of religious practises at home. This same 64% was also said to believe in little green leprechauns that grant wishes, but that may or may not have been in this study. 33% of Canadians go to church/mosque/dungeon on a regular basis, forming the dumbest and most indoctrinated part of the population. Here are a few conclusions that the study came to, along with my comments:

-Young adults are the least religious group. This is encouraging news. Difficult to say if it stems from a rebellious attitude, apathy, or an actual lack of religious conviction. From what I have seen, young people tend to be more sceptical about these things.

-The proportion of people who attend services or engage in other religious activities at home increases with age. This is to be expected. As people get older and are confronted with death, they tend to clutch on to ridiculous concepts which make them feel all warm and fuzzy. Religion is comforting, and this is why people believe in it. It distracts old people from the harsh realities of life. Better to believe in the afterlife than to face the fact that you wasted your whole fucking life.

-Men are less religious than women. Again, this is not too surprising. Women tend to be governed by emotions more than men in terms of the decisions they make. Since religion plays on the emotional instead of the rational, it makes sense that women would be more religious than men.

-Immigrants are more religious than people born in Canada. I have no real evidence to back this up, but I suspect this might have something to do with education. The study also showed that immigrants from South Asia were also more religious than European and Japanese migrants. The only factor that would be in play is education, considering that the systems in these countries is far less rigorous. There have been countless studies in the past also linking religiosity to education level, and this seems like a logical conclusion to draw in this case.

The last component of the study looked at children and their association to their parents' religious views. It showed that children who have parents that share the same religious association were extremely likely to be indoctrinated into believing the same thing their parents do. On the flip side, parents who were atheists had children which also tended to be non-believers. This is extremely interesting because it demonstrates that children who are not exposed to religious propaganda do not tend to gravitate toward religion out of some kind of rational thought later in life. On the contrary, of parents who were religious, there tended to be a much higher percentage of children who would end up rejecting these views. Only about 10% of children from non-religious parents would practise some form of religious belief later in life.

My question to you is: Are you a part of the 64%?


At 2/5/06 6:57 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Indeed I am! Interesting to see how even in a country deemed progressive by international standards, a large part of the population cling to religious beliefs in either a militant or moderate fashion. But yet its at the same time not surprising since Canada is such an ethnically diverse and culturally pluralistic country, religions from other parts of the globe can freely practice here without fear of persecution. But there is always a danger to giving too much religious freedom, and that danger comes in the form of the loosening up of Canada's church/state seperation. An example of this would be when muslims in Ontario tried to establish legal Sharia Courts...Thankfully we didnt let that happen :)

At 2/5/06 7:56 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

LOL, I think you just shot yourself in the foot there. The 64% are those who are religious and stupid, as I put it. Point taken, though. ;)

At 3/5/06 2:19 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

HAHAHA LOL i mean that some odd percentage of atheists :) oh well, we all make dumbass mistakes ;)

At 7/5/06 1:33 AM, Blogger Geo said...

If you can, get hold of The Atlantic Monthly, December, 2005, read "Is God An Accident" which theorizes why certain evolutionary adaptations may have created a module in human consciousness which can't help but project meaning (i.e. god or gods) into the universe.


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