A Few Things To Resolve

Let's settle a few things. I have mentioned some in the past, but they need to be articulated over and over because it's so ridiculous.

1. If you tell me that you like "most music except rap and country", this doesn't tell me a single thing. Am I to understand that you listen to both Fred Penner and Celine Dion ad nauseum? This is the all too standard response to the favourite bands question. It seems like a cop out, and the desire is to demonstrate something positive about yourself (I'm open minded, look at me....except country!). The result, however, is that you come off as being someone with no interest whatsoever in music, completely apathetic, and simply listen to what happens to be playing. This is a total cop out.

2. If your favourite book or movie was released in the past three years, this doesn't tell me that you're hip or with the times. Instead, it tells me that you've probably read 3 books in your life, and they all just so happened to be Harry Potter books. If you tell me your favourite movies are "MI:III and Old School", this tells me that you're a fucking moron.

Thanks for listening.


At 3/5/06 2:22 PM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Amen to that! I mean you listen to ALL forms of music, then surely you must be well versed in the music of gentle giant ;)

As for the book, I think for the next fucking 10 years everybody's favourite book will most probably be Da Vinci Code...ugh!!!

At 3/5/06 4:26 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Yeah, funny you mention that. I'm not going to read it just out of principle. It's impossible that a single book is THAT good. It's clever marketing and hype. I'm going to Paris next week and my parents suggested I read the book beforehand. Um....no.


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