"I have to make an effort?"

I love working at Videoself. I take care of the store over the weekends. The concept is an interesting one, note that it isn't perfect but it's got potential. On the one part, it illiminates awkwardness in renting movies and turns the experience to a somewhat personal level. For more information, visit their web-site at www.videoself.ca.

What makes my job interesting, besides fixing the machine of course, is seeing the thought process people go through when it comes to technology. I have never been more annoyed, and happy to teach people how to use the machine. To a certain extent, I can safely say that most people are not willing to make any effort to understand the system on their own. I tested this out by sometimes only explaining how to take out their movies once they've reserved it. Easily, 9 times out of 10 the client will come back to me explaining that the machine hasn't given them their movies. It's easy, you put your card in the dispenser. They don't do that. They cross their arms, and look around and get fed up after some time. I've had people believing the system was total shit simply because it wouldn't take out the movie as they thought.

It's also happened more then once that people encounter a slight problem and quickly jump to the conclusion that something in the system is fucked. On more then one occasion, I'm stuck re-explaining or displaying the proper procedures to renting out films. The funny part is that it isn't hard. In the matter of 3hrs, I had to figure out how the system works, how the registration system works, how the filing system works, and how the machine works. I had no issue doing so, it took but a few moments to fully understand the system and all of its crevaces.

The way business' should seriously operate in my mind is this:
"I offer a service. You don't like it, then go somewhere else you miserable piece of shit and find a system that'll suit your needs."

I hate to say it, but the high school I went to actually had a similar sentence written in the agenda as part of the binding contracts between students and administration. I still think the school was ridiculously handled, but at least they understood business.


At 6/5/06 1:55 AM, Blogger Portelance said...

Interesting (yeah, I still keep saying that... remember). Where I work most of the salespeople have a similar philosophy as to what you propose. We often get people coming in and saying stuff like "Best Buy has this for $5 cheaper" and stuff like that, expecting us to match prices. We do price match, within reason (so long as it's not a "dumb price", as we say). However, I've told customers many times that I will not match the price, and they can go to Best Buy instead. If it hurts my commission and the company's cut, it's the right thing to do. I explain to people that we offer a level of service, knowledge and professionalism that is not matched anywhere else. On the occasion, our prices are a bit more expensive (but they tend to be competitive). I will gladly tell a customer that if they see no value in this, that they can go shop elsewhere. The thing is, nobody seems to value service nowadays, because the Future Shops and Wal-Marts of the world have eliminated that concept. This is no stereotype, but it's the immigrants that have the biggest problem with this. It's like they want to fucking barter with me. The first words out of their mouth after I say hello is "what's your best price on a ______". Fuck you. I might have otherwise given you a bit of a deal, but now you're paying the sticker price. I don't like wasting my time on somebody who will be penny pinching at the end of the day because they want all the benefits of shopping with us but none of the costs. As you say, you're not happy, go elsewhere.

At 6/5/06 4:03 AM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

I love this whole concept of treating every big major corporation like if it was your goddamn cornerstore candyshop. Ey fait moé un bon prix, beau bon pas cher! I mean isnt that what everybody wants? Even at a government monopoly like the SAQ you get this kind of shit, its despicable, really reflects on the rugged egocentric individualism of our society. And in my case I hear this all the time, I need a good wine with a bon rapport qualité/prix...OFCOURSE thats whats everybody wants, cheap wine that tastes great!!!

At 6/5/06 6:58 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Écoute tit-kid, as-tu un vin style chateau latour 1993 mais pour $9 la bouteille?


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