The many valid reasons to have kids

I'm happy to work at a family orientated videostore. I see plenty of varieties of parenting. I also see why certain people decided to have kids. Some decided to get kids because they didn't become famous soccer players, others, because they never bullied others.

I say all reasons are valid to have kids. The world's full of idiots already, why not add a few? No one will notice: Except I, of course. Unhappy looking parents tend to have unhappy children with several issues. I keep noticing ugly fat women walking in with ugly fat kids, these women were never loved so they scream at their kids at the slightest movement they make. The uglier, nastier the parent treat the kids, the harder the parent has at figuring out how the machine works. They obviously don't take their time, they rush into everything, get mad and complain for no reason. Their kid often suggests solutions, and before they can finish talking they are yelled at. I'd have to say most kids have the right solutions in the first place, but no adult want to listen.

The children who are the best have parents who listen, and are interested in their kids. Some parents downright ignore the kids, and often the children acts in a hyper active A.D.D. fashion. It's completely different in children who get the attention and respect (especially respect) they deserve. I often spend time with one kid who walks into my store. I showed him the machine and how things worked. He spoke a lot and moved around a lot but was eager to see how things worked. The woman in charge of him (I believe she made alusions to her running a daycare so I'm not sure of parental relations) often interacts with him and I. She respects him, but obviously limits him for fear of him getting hurt, but the kid wants to learn and is extremely curious.

So I say go ahead people and have kids. Treat them like shit. Get revenge on them for how the world treated you. I want to see suicide rates grow. I want to see horrid acts performed and unhappy people continue to ruin television with horrible Fox shows, soap operas and reality shows.


At 21/5/06 8:44 PM, Blogger Portelance said...

Interesting comments. I've always been fascinated also by the resemblances between husband and wife. It appears that we look for ourselves in a mate more than anything, because I never cease to be surprised by how many couples look like each other. I must admit, if there was a version of myself with tits and a pussy, count me in! :)

As for parents/children, a lot of parents underestimate the intelligence of their children, and I think this probably hinders their development. There's this mantra that children are innocent, stupid, etc. but I have found that to be the opposite of the truth. If you allow them to flourish, they will. Most parents choose to protect and restrict their children far too much.

Also, as you say, many parents abuse their children and don't even realize it. I would say that since they are in a position of authority over their children, many parents who have never had such power over people, and who are usually dominated, tend to be very abusive toward their children.


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