Publicity in Quebec

"If it's doable, we'll do it!"
This ought to be Quebec's modo for publicity. On my way home this morning I was reminded of how badly the region of Montreal (and it's surroundings) love advertising when I looked at one of our public bus. The bus transports one ad on each of its side, plus one in the back. Added to that, a painted ad, direcly on the bus, has been added on each side, but above the windows. This coming from a province who constantly complains about a lack of money is hilarious.

Something else that needs mention are billboards. Montreal will put billboards wherever they find space to put them. On the way to Repentigny, alongside highway 40, several billboards have been placed one after the other with so little space in-between that it makes it near impossible to see some of them. The same can be said about the billboards alongside highway 20 and 720 on the West entrance into the city. If billboards aren't stimulating enough, don't worry because Montreal hosts a variety of ads in places that would give an ad poser vertigo!

These ads can be seen on the side panels of extended roofs, the side of buildings, inside busses, inside metros and metro station and inside malls! Ads are everywhere...beware!

And last but not least, the funniest of all:
Quebecois has had an obsession over a not-so-long-ago scandal based on these ads, and now that they still speak of it, they help commercialize the idea of ads even more.


At 21/1/07 10:54 AM, Blogger The Atheist Front said...

Quebec's omnipresence of ads is proto-totalitarian...I'm immediately reminded of a cheese campaign which was plastered on every fucking metro cart on the green line. (and im sure it was plastered on every other line...)


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