Fighting the System!

Teenagers go through this phase, the phase that helps define who he/she is by fighting an authority or challenging a superior. Some teengers choose who they fight, while others swing at everything that sets boundries. The idea is common and widespread, everyone should fight the system, not abide by it or fall into the cracks of the Totalitarian regime 'we live in'. But are we truly abiding to the system? Are most people simply following directives, cashing in paychecks and paying their taxes?

I strongly believe that most people don't actually follow rules, sets and guidelines. Now, whether or not this is a conscious decision or plain supidity is up for debate. The reason why I believe most people are not following rules is through common observation. I constantly observe people breaking proper road conducts and showing how defiant they truly are. The amount of times I was almost rendered a pancake by some idiot deciding that he was good enough to turn left from a priority-right-turn is astonishing.

Also, whenever the winter season comes around, it's the excuse many people were waiting for to suddenly park where and how they feel like. Rows are misaligned with clear evidence as the starting culprite. Triple parking becomes an art form.

It's also interesting to notice how, like a disease, breaking rules for ones benefits is. It seems to me like the phrase "That guy's doing it to!" has been heard and spoken way too many times then it ought to. People are more interested in using a rule breaker as an excuse to break the rules then to fight against him to set things right.

The same goes for some 'consumer beware' programs who often don't go in depth in analysing problems and informing their audiences as they should. Instead, the 'quality programming' offered is simply report after report of how businesses have screwed people over and how (with little information) a consumer can avoid such a hasle. The solutions often times are simply logistics such as 'avoid certain companies'. But like I've been informed, certain customers actually spend days in grocery stores looking for badly price articles to then exploit the flaw and get as many things cheaper if not free! Surely these shows might also attract an unpleasant amount of business to certain wholesalers.

The truth is people are fighting the system because people feel different. "Rules don't apply to me, I'm smarter then the average Joe"


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